Food Blog Review Guidelines

by foodethics

Beyond The Code we believe there should be guidelines for maintaining consistent standards and fair practices in food blogging.

We believe it is important for the reputation of food blogs that we hold ourselves to higher standards of conduct when reviewing the culinary media, food industry and its products.

Food Blog Restaurant Review Guidelines

1. We will be thorough.

2. We will be fair when reviewing a restaurant

  • We will do our best to visit a restaurant more than once before passing a final judgment.
  • We will do our best to sample a full range of items on menu.
  • We will be fair to new restaurants. If we post about a new restaurant we will tell our readers about our initial impressions. If possible, we will wait at least one month after the restaurant opens, allowing them to work out some kinks, before writing a full-fledged review.
  • If we receive an item for free or if we are recognized during our reviewing process, we will mention so in our review.
  • While anonymity is important when dining out and conducting a review, we will not hide behind a pseudonym. If complete anonymity is required for personal or professional safety, we will not post anything that we wouldn’t feel comfortable putting our name on and owning up to.